Refund Policy

Returns & Refunds Policy

Since every order is 100% custom, we do not allow returns for reasons unrelated to quality. For example, we cannot refund or reproduce your order if you decide you do not want it, ordered the wrong size or prefer a different product.

The most important aspects of our returns & refunds policies are:

  • We must be contacted within 48 hours from delivery of any defects.
  • We require you submit a photograph that clearly shows the issue.
  • If we determine that the issue was caused on our end, we will replace the order.
  • We may request that you return the complete order before we reproduce your order.
  • We will pay for shipping and provide a shipping label if a return is required.
  • We will reproduce or refund your order within 5 days if we verify that we made an error.
  • We will use the original production time and shipping method when reproducing an order.
  • All sales are final.

Orders lost or damaged during delivery.

Shipping plays an important part of our business, which means that we expect nothing short of excellent, on time service on your shipments. It’s true that while your order is in transit, situations come up that are slightly out of our control, but we will not charge you for these issues. Please let us know within 30 days of the delivery date if your order arrived damaged or was lost in shipment. Weather delays that impact transit times are not covered as part of our guarantee.


This Returns & Refunds Policy was last updated in June 2021.